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COVID-19’s Effect on Consulting

COVID-19’s Effect on Consulting

COVID-19 had turned the business world upside-down. Many organizations have laid people off and are trying to figure out how – and if – they will bring people back. This could potentially help the consulting industry.

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of consulting is to become the client’s trusted advisor. The most certain way to get to that state is to constantly ensure that you are providing client satisfaction.

Dealing with a Difficult Client

Dealing with a Difficult Client

Any consultant who has been in the industry for a fair amount of time has experienced a difficult client. Knowing how to deal with it is a critical skill for success.

Alternative Job Search Goals

Alternative Job Search Goals

Whether you are a consultant or not, in this economy there is a high likelihood that you may be out of a job. Consulting is one of the most transient careers. Because of that, if you are a consultant looking for a job, this is probably not your first rodeo. Most...

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