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Making the Remote Consulting Model Work

Making the Remote Consulting Model Work

The pandemic as forced us into a remote consulting model with our clients. There are ways to continue having face time with the client without being on-site.

Practicing Compassion in Consulting

Practicing Compassion in Consulting

Clients hire consultants to get a job done. In addition to the business at hand, they may also need to show compassion in a world that is quite different for everyone involved.

4 Predictions for Post-COVID-19

At the time of this writing, many of us are still in the midst of a quarantine that could last, in some form, for several months. There still are more questions than answers. And that could be the situation for quite some time to come. With such uncertainty, I wanted...

The Lost Art of Hallway Conversations

The Lost Art of Hallway Conversations

The work from home trend has taken off. According to CNN Money, the number of people telecommuting has increased 115% in the last decade. A number of indicators show that that will only increase. Organizations have moved on from the trust issue and realized just how...

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