A Consulting Limerick

Written by lewsauder

March 17, 2014


A Consulting Limerick

A man tried a career in consulting

But his approach with clients was insulting

He was arrogant and rude

With the clients he’d feud

And they found him to be quite revolting


The firm chose to pull him aside

And some mentoring had to provide

They gave him some tools

And taught him some rules

And regulations for him to abide

At first he was rather resistant

He didn’t think he needed an assistant

Because I went to a top college

I have so much knowledge

On this he was very insistent


They said we hired you to be an expert

But your behavior we want to revert

Despite all you know

If you don’t help clients grow

Your value will be considered inert


It took him a while to see

The type of consultant that he should be

Client problems need to be solved

By getting the client involved

Not by giving opinions forcibly


He learned that consultants can’t condescend

Trust must be earned like that of a friend

To make the client wiser

You must be a trusted adviser

Or else you career will hit a dead end


Today he’s a raging success

His errors he’ll willingly confess

He avoided the career tumble

By being more humble

And focusing on the client’s best interest

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