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How To Overcome Your Fear

Overcome Your Fear
How To Overcome Your Fear

Many people have an irrational fear lurking deep within them that limits their ability succeed.  Whether it’s fear of public speaking, confrontation or the ability to ask for the sale, they let that fear limit their ability to achieve their goals.  I’ve experienced some of the same fears and have learned to overcome them.  The amazing thing I’ve learned about it is that to overcome fear is much easier than living with it. The key steps I’ve learn about overcoming fears are:
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Contrasting Middle-School Management Styles

Management Styles
Middle-School Management Styles

Like millions of kids out there, my son is just winding down the school year.  He’s a good student but also a free spirit and sometimes goes beyond his limits to the point of being disruptive in class.  Over the course of the school year, I’ve observed some interesting dynamics between him and two very different teachers.
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Accountability vs Blame


Accountability vs Blame
Accountability vs Blame

Everyone makes a mistake on occasion.  I’ve seen the smartest and most meticulous people write down the wrong time or date for a meeting.  It happens.  And as long as it’s not habitual, most people tolerate small mistakes.

Accountability vs Blame

Then there are major screw ups.  Perhaps someone didn’t anticipate a key risk on a project or realized during step 9 that step 3 in a process was skipped, causing major rework and embarrassment with the client.
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What’s the Big Deal about Business Travel?

business travel
Consultants do a fair amount of business travel

During my senior year in college, I interviewed for a consulting position with a top-tier consulting firm.  I sat in one of those interviewing cubicles at the campus career center across the desk from a gentleman with a blue suit, white shirt and red tie – the consulting uniform of the day.  I don’t remember much about the questions except for the part where he explained that there could be extensive travel.

“Would that be an issue for you? “, he asked.
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5 Things My Mentors Have Taught Me

Mentors Have Taught
What My Mentors Have Taught Me

When I started out in consulting, I decided early on that I would seek out a mentor.  I must have been like the little bird in the children’s book Are You My Mother?” that goes from animal to animal seeking out its mother.  I had in my mind that there would be one person that would extol his or her wisdom to help me to launch my career.  After a few years, here is what my mentors have taught me:
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Everything I Need to Know About Networking I Learned from My High School Pals

Everything I Need to Know
Everything I Need to Know About Networking…

Last weekend I spend three days in Lexington and Louisville, KY with two life-long friends.  Jon and Robb have been friends of mine since grade school.  We were good friends through high school and were even roommates at various times through college.  One of the things we did was tour a whiskey distillery.  I’ve never been a whiskey drinker and a sample taste of it at the distillery confirmed that for me.  We also went through the Louisville Slugger bat factory and generally consumed mass quantities of unnecessary calories all weekend.
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Removal from a Client Project

Removal from a Client
Removal from a Client Project

It happens every once in a while.  A consultant is working with their project team and sometime during the project, the account manager speaks with the consultant and informs them that they are being rolled off of the project.

Reasons for a removal from a client

It can happen to ineffective consultants and they don’t usually last long with the firm.  But sometimes, the person just doesn’t mesh with the team or the client.  I’ve seen consultants taken off of projects for a number of reasons.  Perhaps they:

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The Impossible Goal of Multitasking

The Impossible Goal of Multitasking

I have a “no electronics” rule at our dinner table with my kids.  We turn off the TV, we don’t answer the phone and, above all, no cell phones.  Any texts or phone calls they receive from their friends can wait thirty minutes or so while we sit and talk uninterrupted as a family.  We must be some alien form, because whenever one of their friends joins us for dinner and pulls out their cell phone to answer a text, they look at me like I have three heads when I tell them the rule.
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The Consulting Dress Code

Consulting Dress Code
The Consulting Dress Code

When I started out in consulting many years ago, the dress code was very simple.  You wore a suit and tie every day; even if you were on the bench, sitting in the office all day.  After all, you never knew when a client would show up for a meeting. It wasn’t a whole lot different for women.  They wore skirt suits and high-heels.  While they didn’t wear ties, they often wore those bow thingies that looked and felt like ties.
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The Jimmy Buffett Approach to Career Management

career management
The Jimmy Buffet approach to career management

For those old enough to remember Jimmy Buffett, but are unfamiliar with him, most would probably think he’s a washed up musician from the 70s who should probably be making either the local festival concert circuit or appearances on reality TV shows.  In reality, he’s going almost as strong as he ever has.  He had big hits in the 70s including “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday”, which still get radio airplay.  But at the age of 64 he shows no sign of slowing down.
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