Considering Consulting in the Next Step in Your Career

Written by lewsauder

January 2, 2011

next step in your career

Could consulting be the next step in your career?

I recently watched “The Sound of Music”, one of my favorite movies.  Never mind that Julie Andrews gave the performance of her life and that Rogers and Hammerstein’s music was out of their mind, the story is what I find remarkable.

Julie Andrews’ character, Maria, decides that she has found her calling in life as a nun.  One of the highest callings one can answer and a significant commitment.

But life – and fate – has it tendency to throw curve balls.  The convent figured out how to “solve a problem like Maria (Spoiler alert if you are one of the four people in this world that haven’t seen the movie).  She becomes governess to the children of a naval officer widower, falls in love with Captain Von Trapp and they live happily ever after.

Considering the next step in your career

It makes me wonder how many “Marias” are out there.  Did you answer a calling that turned out not to be the utopia you thought it would be? Perhaps your priorities changed, maybe the job did.  Maybe the down-side ended up outweighing the benefits.  Whatever the reason, there may be a “Captain Von Trapp” out there for you.

In this economy, every employed person that dislikes their job has a part of them that says “I’m lucky to be employed”. Many of the unemployed are seeking a position doing what they did before.

But losing your job – or leaving it – may be the best thing that could ever happen to you.  It’s a chance to renew your career and take a new direction.

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Pushed into the next step in your career

Like cleaning out your closet, you throw away the clothes you no longer wear or no longer fit; making a career shift is about keeping the knowledge and experiences that still fit, throwing away those that don’t and going in the direction that fits best.

Consulting is an excellent option for anyone in this point of their career.  A career in consulting offers you the opportunity to work at different clients in a variety of industries.  You get exposure to how other companys’ strategy and culture differ and learn from each how things should – or shouldn’t – be done.  You may find that consulting is the exciting career that you’ve been looking for; or you may find an industry through one of your clients that gives you that desire to get up in the morning.  Although consulting firms have agreements with their clients not to hire each other’s employees, it is common for clients to hire consultants when they find one they like.

Additionally, in this economy, companies are more likely to contract out work that needs to be done to consulting firms as opposed to hiring full-time staff, putting consulting firms in the position to need more workers over the next few years.

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I’m not trying to sugar-coat the job market; it’s a tough time to find a job.  I’m just emphasizing that while you look for a job, look for one that will allow you to continue to grow, keep your interest and, most importantly, you will enjoy doing every day.

Climb every mountain!!

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