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Do You Manage Your Team Like a Bowling or Baseball Team?

If you ask any manager, he or she would most likely tell you they manage a team.  Some will go as far as to tell you that they’re not a manager, they are a coach.  They’re just there to help the team succeed. There has never been a shortage of sports analogies in the...

Consulting: Stepping Stone or Career

In days gone by, the terms job and career were synonymous.  Whether you were fresh out of high school, college or the military, you got a job and worked there until you retired. It was rare to have two or more jobs in one’s career Today’s world is different. ...

New Management: 3 Ways to Deal with It

Everybody deals with it at some time in their career.  Your boss gets canned and a new guy – or gal – has been hired to replace him. Rumors abound as everyone wants to get an idea of the new management's style, approach, and most importantly, his agenda.  They fired...

The Illusion of Control

I live what I believe to be a typical existence of a family man in the suburbs.  On a typical weekend, I’ll get together with friends, drink a few beers, and discuss the trials and tribulations of raising kids, saving for college and the latest issues on the school...

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