Paying Your Dues for Success

Written by lewsauder

September 19, 2011

Paying Your Dues

Paying Your Dues for Success

I remember once when a manager at my client was promoted and was making that milestone move from cubicle to a private office.  This was a big career move and someone made the comment that she had “paid her dues” and was now reaping the benefits.

Paying your dues

I was younger than her and wondered when I would get to that point in my career when I had paid my dues and would reap the rewards.  I was working at client sites, sitting in war rooms – usually a conference room where the whole team works together as a team.  A bit of jealousy set in.  I continued to wonder when I was going to get my just reward for paying my dues.

A few years later, I had the opportunity to learn the answer to that question – or so I thought.  I made the decision to leave consulting.  Over a 5-year period, I worked for two different companies where I had my own office, one with a nice view of the city.

Deciding what the dues buy

There were aspects of both of these jobs that I really enjoyed.  I worked with some terrific professionals at both places.  But I missed the fast-paced environment of consulting, where there is always something to do that is usually much more interesting and challenging.  I was doing work that kept the railroad running and I missed the projects that cleared the land, laid new track and built faster and better locomotives.

I found that the private office was a nice perk as well as a status symbol.  I appreciated being able to close the door to have a private conversation.  It was also convenient not having to find a conference room for meetings with only a few people.

But that was as far as it went.  It didn’t compensate for being bored and unchallenged.  And I knew I would have been disappointed in myself when I got to retirement age and realized that I suffered through a job that I didn’t enjoy for years, just so I could have an office.

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I was fortunate to find another position in consulting.  I’m now back in a war room with nine other team members managing projects for clients.  I don’t have my own office with a view, but I’ve learned that the grass isn’t always greener, sometimes the grass is just different.

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