Some Consulting What Ifs

Written by lewsauder

June 20, 2011

consulting what ifs

Some Consulting What Ifs

What if Consultants…

  • Focused on client issues rather than margin and billable hours
  • Acted as if they were guests at a client site – not subservient, but not condescending
  • Said no to the client when they disagreed, rather than being good soldiers doing what the client requests, even if they have a better idea that will cost the client less
  • Said “I don’t know” when they don’t know
  • Focused on the value they provide to the client in return for their fees.
  • Admitted when they were wrong and said “I’m sorry”
  • Sold to the client by sharing information and developing relationships
  • Customized their service offering to the client’s needs rather than provide cookie-cutter approaches
  • Staffed projects based on skill set rather than availability

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What would happen in the consulting industry if all consultants did these things?

For more information, see Client Relations for Consultants

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As always, I welcome your comments and criticisms.

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