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The 5 Biggest Myths of Consulting

A mythical land
The 5 biggest myths of consulting

When I tell someone I’m a consultant I never know what the response is going to be. Some people are impressed. With some people, their son or daughter is a consultant and they sense a connection.

Still with others, I see them trying to suppress a sneer. Some of these people may have had a bad experience with a consultant. Or, they know someone who lost their job because of some changes implemented by a consultant.

Whether the impression is good or bad, it seems that people have many myths of consulting. Here are just a few dispelled.
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7 Questions to Ask When Considering a Consulting Career

consulting career
Is a consulting career for you?

To some, a consulting career is a destination.  You may target consulting firms as college graduation looms.  If that attempt is unsuccessful, you may accept a job in another industry with the goal of acquiring a few years of business experience and applying with consulting firms again later.

While these are both valid strategies, like every industry, consulting isn’t for everyone.  It is important to verify that you are willing and able to live the lifestyle of a consultant.

Before diving into a consulting career, ask yourself the following questions:

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