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5 Ways to Get Your Client to Love You

Woman client holding a red heart
How to get your client to love you

Consultants and clients often have a contentious relationship. Clients resent the high hourly fees the consultants charge. They view consultants as a necessary evil. Consultants tire of the constant demands the client places on them, while pressuring them to lower their fees on an almost constant basis.

Consultants don’t understand that it is up to them to provide such high quality service that the client becomes happily dependent upon them. By following these tips, the consultant can get the client to love them almost unconditionally.
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The Difference between Consultants and Employees

Difference between consultants and employees

I was involved in a conversation the other day about what differentiates a consultant from a non-consultant.

If you asked a non-consultant, perhaps the first answer you’d get is that there must be a prerequisite for arrogance in order to be a consultant.  I’ve met my share of consultants who are condescending to their clients and think that they know so much more than their clients.  These are not what the consulting industry considers good consultants.
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Communicating Bad News to Clients

Communicating Bad News to Clients
Communicating bad news to clients

To paraphrase a common saying, stuff happens.  No one knows that more than a client-serving consultant.  Whether you’re working on a large project or working independently.  Rarely does everything go as planned.  At some time, you find yourself face to face with the client with the dreaded task of reporting bad news.  The project is late, a critical piece was forgotten or maybe a key team member has submitted her resignation. No one likes to be the bearer of bad news.  But when that time comes, there are some ways to make it a little less painless. Continue reading Communicating Bad News to Clients