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Are You a Consultant or Contractor?

Consultant or Contractor
Consultant or Contractor?

The growing trend in the employment world is toward consulting.  This is driven by a number of factors.  The two most notable trends are first, as hiring organizations see slow tepid growth, they have begun to see a need for additional staff, but are hesitant to hire full-time employees.  The pain and cost of massive layoffs a few years ago still has a bad taste in the mouths of hiring managers.  They’re once bitten and twice shy about making that commitment to more full-time employees.  They would rather work with temporary consultants where they can bring them on board with specific skills for a project.  Then, when the project is done, they can bring in another set of consultants with another set of skills for the next project.

Is everyone a consultant?

The second reason consulting is as popular as it is today is due to the unemployment rate.  As of this writing it stands at 7.7%.  There are many individuals out there that have been out of work for months and years.
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