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Boundless optimism: We Need 16 to Tie, 17 for the Lead

Boundless optimism
Boundless optimism

My son had a baseball tournament this past weekend at a park complex that had multiple fields.  While we waited for another game to finish so that his team could play, I laid in the grass between two fields.  It was a beautiful day and I closed my eyes and laid down in the shade. I wasn’t paying much attention to any of the games around me.  I heard random sounds of bats hitting balls, players yelling “I got it” and parents cheering.

A coach’s boundless optimism

As I laid there in a semi-conscious state, I heard a team come off the field as the coach gathered them outside the dugout for the pep talk that coaches give each inning.  Once he got them all gathered he said in an encouraging voice “OK, we need 16 to tie and 17 for the lead”.
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Contrasting Middle-School Management Styles

Management Styles
Middle-School Management Styles

Like millions of kids out there, my son is just winding down the school year.  He’s a good student but also a free spirit and sometimes goes beyond his limits to the point of being disruptive in class.  Over the course of the school year, I’ve observed some interesting dynamics between him and two very different teachers.
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Accountability vs Blame


Accountability vs Blame
Accountability vs Blame

Everyone makes a mistake on occasion.  I’ve seen the smartest and most meticulous people write down the wrong time or date for a meeting.  It happens.  And as long as it’s not habitual, most people tolerate small mistakes.

Accountability vs Blame

Then there are major screw ups.  Perhaps someone didn’t anticipate a key risk on a project or realized during step 9 that step 3 in a process was skipped, causing major rework and embarrassment with the client.
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