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Communicate More By Talking Less

communicate more
Sometimes you have to talk less to communicate more

I recently had a conversation with someone who didn’t want the conversation to end.  It started innocently enough as a hallway conversation.  We hadn’t seen each other in a while.  I made some small talk asking the person how things had been.  After about five minutes, I realized that the conversation had evolved to meaningless chatter. Every time I started to close off the argument, the other person came up with another discussion point.

I’ve seen a similar phenomenon in meetings.  I once had a weekly status meeting that was scheduled for an hour.  Even when all of the agenda topics had been covered, the owner of the meeting would think up new discussion topics to fill out the balance of the hour. Just because a meeting is scheduled for an hour, doesn’t mean it needs to last that long.
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Put the Phone Down and Listen

Put the Phone Down
Time to Put the Phone Down

I’ve had to sit through my share of meetings to which I never should have been invited; and many meetings where I was only necessary for a minute or two, to provide an update.

It’s one of the most infuriating things I endure as a consultant.  Sitting in a 1-hour – or longer – meeting is not only a waste of my time, but a waste of the client’s money to pay for me to sit there.
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