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Feedback Loops through the One On One

one on one
Feedback Loops through the One On One

Managing teams in any environment is a challenging undertaking.  You’re trying to accomplish some goal as a team. But each member of the team has their own individual goals that may conflict or at least may not be in line with the team goal.

An approach that can help is to have a regular one on one meeting with each team member.  These meetings are not meant to be long discussions.  If they regularly exceed fifteen minutes, you may be doing it wrong and wasting valuable time for both parties.

A frequent one on one

It’s best to have a regular schedule on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The purpose is to get feedback from each team member and to provide feedback to them if there are areas where you feel they need to refocus to accomplish the team’s goals.
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Stand up: The 15 Minute Meeting

15 Minute Meeting
The 15 Minute Meeting

Every company and client that I’ve worked for has had what I considered a penchant for meetings.  I’ve seen meetings to prepare for a meeting.  I’ve also seen meeting leaders who take all of the time allotted for the meeting.  If a one-hour meeting finishes in 45 minutes, they figure out some way of extending the meeting to its allotted time.

Necessary evil

Part of the problem with meetings is that they do serve a purpose.    A meeting addiction is more like an addiction to food rather than to a drug.  We can’t eliminate meetings completely.  We just abuse their use by taking them a little too far.
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Five Rules of Meetings

Rules of Meetings
Five Rules of Meetings

I’ve always considered meetings to be a necessary evil.  There are times when the best thing to do is bring together the appropriate people to make a decision or just update a group of people on status.  Far too often, a meeting is used as a way to defer or avoid making a decision and a lot of time gets wasted.

On top of that, even when the meeting is necessary, it’s poorly run and made inefficient by the facilitator, the attendees or both.

So here are my five rules of meetings.  I have a lot more than five, but if everyone just followed these guidelines, the world would be a better place for it.

5 rules of meetings

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