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Why Are We Here? Is the Daily Question

Daily question: Why are we here?
Why are we here?

How often have you entered a meeting wondering why everyone was being brought together for an hour?  How many times have you left the meeting wondering the same thing?

Did it ever occur to you that people may be wondering the same thing when they enter and exit a meeting that you have held?

I’ve tried to make it a practice to ask myself the following question on a regular basis: “Why are we here?”

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How to Keep Up On Your Industry

keep up on your industry
How to Keep Up On Your Industry

As a consultant you’re supposed to be an expert in your field.  Many mistake that expert label as a know-it-all. This error is usually fueled by the fact that many consultants act like they know it all.

The obvious truth is that you can’t know everything about any subject.  But an expert knows an above-average amount.  A subject matter expert (SME) is usually the go-to person that either knows the answer to a question or knows where to go to get the answer.
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Doing Your Consulting Homework

consulting homework
Doing your consulting homework

We all grew up having homework to do.  Despite the advice from our parents and teachers to do it, some of us did it more than others. And it showed in the long run.

When I was a senior in college preparing to interview with hiring firms, I heard the advice to do my homework once again.  This time it wasn’t as easy as the assigned homework I had received in school.

I remember being confused when college advisors told me to “do my homework” on companies I was interviewing with.
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How To Be Prepared in Business

How to be prepared
How to be prepared

It has often been said that success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.  It’s always been one of my favorite sayings and I’m amazed how often it rings true.

How to be prepared as a meeting attendant

One of the most obvious settings where this occurs is in meetings.  Most business meetings are scheduled through Outlook, Lotus Notes or some type of integrated calendaring software.  Along with the invitation that comes in your email, there may be documents attached.  This can be as simple as an agenda, or any number of documents that are intended to be reviewed during the meeting.
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