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How to Keep Up On Your Industry

keep up on your industry
How to Keep Up On Your Industry

As a consultant you’re supposed to be an expert in your field.  Many mistake that expert label as a know-it-all. This error is usually fueled by the fact that many consultants act like they know it all.

The obvious truth is that you can’t know everything about any subject.  But an expert knows an above-average amount.  A subject matter expert (SME) is usually the go-to person that either knows the answer to a question or knows where to go to get the answer.
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What Are the Benefits of an MBA?

Benefits of an MBA
Benefits of an MBA

Having studied business as a minor during my undergraduate studies, and later getting an MBA, I’ve often wondered about the value of the business classes I’ve taken.

My undergraduate major was Applied Computer Science.  That curriculum taught me actual programming skills that I used from the beginning of my career.  Using those skills in a business environment allowed me to learn the ropes of the business world head-on.

So it begs the question: Can you learn business from a book and a classroom?  Or should you learn a business-related skill (such as computer programming) to get started in the business world and learn the basics of business and management through experience?
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Every Consultant’s 2 Most Important Tools

important tools
Consultant’s 2 Most Important Tools

There are many critical concepts that a consultant needs to know in order to deliver value to the client.  And it’s very difficult to narrow that list down.

But if forced to reduce to the two most important concepts, regardless of the type of consulting or the industry and market the client works in, I would have to have to bring it down to the following two.

The most important tools

1) Cost/Benefit  Analysis. C/B analysis is a decision making process of comparing the benefit of spending money (or something of value, such as time) to the benefit received in return.  We perform C/B analysis in our daily lives when we decide whether to buy something, meet a friend or call our mother.
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